So the festival season is fast approaching and apart from the music and the fashion what we really care about, let’s face it is the food…and lots of it! The independent food business is booming and everyone wants to sample delicious on the go street food and takeaways rather then dine in. So here are a few foodie gems to look out for this summer if your out and about…at Glastonbury perhaps? If you’re extremely lucky that is!

Anna Mae’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese


This cheesy little shack is perfect when you need something to warm your stomach. It’s addictively moreish and a tad messy, which is all part of the fun! This funky establishment hit all the major festivals with a mound of cheese in tow. With menu show stoppers such as ‘The Annie Mac’ (classic mac with three cheese sauce) or ‘The Kanye Western’ (mac with hot dog, homemade BBQ sauce & crispy onions) are a sure bet to get the crowds going.

Square Pie


Fancy yourself some good old pie and mash? Give square pie a try this summer and you won’t be disappointed! These guys have been at every Glastonbury festival since 2002 and are a real crowd pleaser. Come rain or come shine, chowing down on one of these pies will certainly put a smile on your face. On the menu it’s all about the steak. Steak & ale, steak and cheese, steak and kidney…it’s a meat lovers dream. They also have chicken and veggie options too, what’s not to love!

The Cheese Truck

Sandwiches+on+grill+@puma Photo:

Cheese, cheese and more cheese! Hit the cheese truck this summer for some salty goodness. What’s not to love about oozing cheese with an array of toppings? The cheese truck celebrates British cheese and the British takeaway industry. They like to keep it simple yet tasty, which is what we like! These guys will be sure to make some appearances this season up and down the country. So if you’re in the area and fancy a takeaway, perhaps in London then spot the yellow truck…and get cheesy.

The Fabulous Fish Finger Company


These sailors found a gap in the marketing to sell fresh fish and butties! Which come on we love? These guys have hit major festivals such as Bestival and The Secret Garden Party with their fishy favourites; bringing the seaside to the party, they couldn’t be any more of a perfect partner. Over the summer they will be selling many ‘catch of the day’ whether it be salmon or cod with fresh bread and mouth-watering sauces, YUM!

It’s safe to say the takeaway culture is evolving fast and thanks to you guys; we can also continue to deliver great food to the British nation of food lovers. So check out our menu and order a takeaway now for a summer of good food you wont be disappointed.