“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Ladies and gentlemen please thank the food gods or President Ronald Reagan for that matter, because the 17th July is national ice cream day…mmm sweeeet. Now we all know, that there is nothing better on a hot day then tucking into a 99 Mr whippy, with a flake of course! So god bless America, because there is now a whole day dedicated to the family favourite sweet treat. And here a Kukd.com we take our national holidays very serious indeed.

So lets get down to the good stuff, need a little inspiration this summer? Well, here are four sweet treats to keep cool this summer…

The Freakshake 

Photo source: Naughty Boy Cafe

If your not a fan of the traditional one scoop vanilla and are looking to jazz things up this summer, why not get creative and try the new craze, the freakshake. Whats great about these milkshakes is that you can literally put in anything that takes your fancy, people are even topping them with cakes and donuts, I MEAN WHAT, I’ve got to try one of these. So go on, let your inner child go wild with these freakshake’s for the ultimate sugar rush!

The Ice Cream Sandwich

7a144bf622958c712661753beb302bf2 Photo source: Sam Ushiro

These are perfect sweet favour if throwing a garden party this summer. They can be a tasteful ‘grown up’ way to enjoy ice cream or if you’re like us, they can be as wacky as you like! Sandwich a chunk of your favourite ice cream flavour between two cookies or a macaroon and you’ve got yourself the best sandwich around. Why not add a sauce or some tasty toppings to really create the wow factor. (Here at Kukd, we like to go for something of the chocolate variety, just saying.)

The Ice Cream Sundae

45_1_two-scoop                             Photo source: Eddie’s Sweet Shop

Now this is definitely a family favourite, the traditional ice cream sundae. There’s nothing better then ordering a sundae as big as your head, going into a sugar coma and then eventually finishing off the sweet soup at the bottom of the ever so retro sundae glass. It’s all the fun of an ice cream cone without the mess! That all depends on what you get of course…What I love about a sundae is the mix of hot and cold. Fresh, creamy ice cream against hot fudge sauce and double chocolate brownie pieces is just heavenly.

The Ice Cream Cake

e128adf34f655c710b659ee42997bf78Photo Source: Grandmother’s Kitchen

This is the most difficult ice cream creation to master. The ice cream cake. That’s right I said it, CAKE. Why have one amazing dessert when you can have two! Now I’m not completely squared up on the logistics for this dessert, but one thing I do know is, it’s going to be delicious. So for anyone celebrating a birthday this summer, why not try something new and make ice cream cakes your go to birthday treat. Because sometimes a good old victoria sponge cake just doesn’t cut the mustard right?

So my little foodies, don’t be left melting in the heat this summer, grab some ice cream and get creative! And if you’re stuck for ideas, don’t fret because Kukd.com has got a whole host of dessert takeaways for you to choose from. Keep your loved ones sweet this summer and order with Kukd.com now!