It’s no secret that here at, we are big fans of a takeaway…I know shocking! So it comes as no surprise to us that the takeaway industry is worth a massive £9 billion, making it one of the largest industry sectors in the UK. So hearing that a takeaway is an essential part of a British night in is sweet music to our ears, because we’re all about good food and good vibes.

So with that in mind, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. We feel its only fair to give you some reasons why we think British fast food is the best…

Chips, chips and more chips!

First things first, we’re talking rustic chips, not your American French fry I mean thick cut, golden crispy potatoes. There is nothing better then unwrapping chip shop paper and tucking into a warming portion of chips with salt and vinegar.

Now us Brits love to keep it traditional, however we do like to spice our taste buds up, which has led to these savoury matches…

Cheesy Chips


Chips and Curry Sauce


Chips Cheese and Beans



Chips and Gravy



The main event


With Britain surrounded in sea, you’ve got the pick of the bunch when it comes to sustainable fish. And with craft British ales also being an art, finding the perfect crispy batter is easy.



Battered Sausage

It’s a British sausage, deep-fried in batter what more could you want?




Although they may not originate from Britain, the kebab is well and truly made its mark within our food culture. As we weekend cheat meal, or a naughty late night craving, Brits just can’t get enough of doner meat, pitta, chips and salad.



The Extras


They’re free, they’re crispy (the bits of batter that fall off your fish in the deep fat fryer) and damn they taste good!



Pickled Egg

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but a popular add on at the till when paying for your chippy. A perfect accompaniment with your battered cod don’t you think?



Garlic Mayo

No kebab is complete without garlic mayo, it simply isn’t done.



Battered Mars Bar

Now this is one that divides the public. Think of the most random thing and deep-fry it? Yeah a chocolate bar will do. This is one of those Marmite moments you either love it or hate it and I’m getting the feeling that most people love it?


So these are the basics that make up a classic British takeaway, running down to your local chippy this evening? Thought so!