1. Pizza is good for your health

Now you might find this hard to believe, but there has been proven benefits to a persons health when eating pizza. There is a key ingredient in tomato sauce, called lycopene and according to health experts it contains an antioxidant known to help protect you from heart disease and many other illnesses. However they always say with these things; everything in moderation but here at Kukd we don’t do anything half hearted!



  1. Pizza will always be your BFF

Pizza has been there from the start. It is a loyal friend that’s been there through your early days, first relationship, first break up and your occasional cheat day 😉



  1. Pizza is perfect at any time of the day

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 am, hot or cold pizza is delicious any time of the day. Pizza leftovers are pretty banging…



  1. Pizza brings the party

Pizza is the perfect party food and if it isn’t a party when there’s pizza it makes it a party. Pizza is the perfect picky food, because I mean everyone loves a picky tea!



  1. There is a slice for every occasion

Whether you’re a plain Jane, a pepperoni fan or like to go all out with steak, spicy pork, sweet corn, mushrooms and BBQ sauce and of course stuff crust! there is a slice for everyone.



  1. Pizza doesn’t judge

Pizza has been there for you through your down days, when your lazing about in your pj’s, when you’ve been in a worse for ware state after a few drinks and it’s been there when you want a gossip…pizza has your back!