We all have our favourite movie genres, some like a rom com, some like a tear jerker but here at Kukd we look for the foodie films. The films that make your mouth water and leave you grabbing for the nearest takeaway menu. 

Chef: The making of the Cubanos

Just one more slice…this foodie comedy about a Mexican street food truck will make you want to quit your job, buy a truck and start curing your own meats for sure. Damn we love Mexican food!



Princess and the Frog: Tiana makes Gumbo

Who does love a heart warming stew? Maybe it’s the appetising pink prawns or maybe the satisfied noises of the characters that makes us want to grab a spoon and dive in head first. 



Eat, Pray, Love: Spaghetti Con Aria

Having relationship troubles? haven’t got a love life at all? Food is your friend. It could be the seductive way Julia Roberts eats spaghetti or the delicious close ups of parmesan cheese, but we are all for the carbs. Thank god for the Italians!  



Julie & Julia: Is there anything better than butter? 

“Mastering the art of French cooking” Yes please! No calorie counting here, conquering the French cuisine just needs courage, passion and a lot of butter…



Pulp Fiction: The Big Kahuna Burger 

Old school comedy gangster film? Check. Mouth watering food scene? Check. It might be the way Samuel. L. Jackson speaks so eloquently about this burger or the fact that ketchup and cheese is oozing out, but we just can’t get enough!


The Hobbit Unexpected Journey: A feast in Bagend 

Although the pesky dwarfs scoff the lot, it doesn’t stop us wanting a traditional British supper or fish, chips, bread and all the trimmings. Bilbo really does have pantry goals!


Ratatouille: Remy Cooks

I mean I know your not suppose to want to eat food that a rat has cooked, but Remy got some serious skills! Who knew vegetables could look so tasty, I’ll have a portion please!