Breakfast All Day Ery-Day

Breakfast, brunch, brinner whatever you want to call it we love a breakfast and not just first thing, we love it at any time of the day. With most places now doing an all day brunch menu, we are loving every second of eating an eggs Benedict with a bloody Mary at 3pm. So it’s no surprise that we will be brining in the New Year eating out for breakfast rather then dinner and we are definitely feeling that…for sure!

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Kicking Korean

With the age of the traveller becoming ever more intrinsic in our culture its only natural that as a nation we want to explore and that means…FOOD! As we all know, us Brits love to adapt world foods into our own British cuisine and I mean what’s more British than a chicken tikka masala, right? So as we trickle through the years we have added more and more flavoursome food to our repertoire, from Chinese to Mexican we’ve tried it all. So, what’s next on the list you ask? Make way for the taste sensation that is Korean cuisine and if you are a fan of Asian cuisine, you are in for a treat! Korean inspired dishes will be hitting the masses by next year, with restaurants and takeaways getting creative with unfamiliar ingredients to create fragrant dishes that will pack a punch.    

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All Day Snacking

2016 saw a strong snacking trend amongst professionals who have little time for lunch breaks and prefer to take the “eating anytime, anywhere” approach. However, 2018 will bring back the trend of snacking all day ery-day, healthy, unhealthy take your pick!

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Hello Carbs

Forget these low-carb diets! Carbs are you friend; they will always be there for you. An innovation in all things bread and pasta will be making its way to you in 2018 so they will be back at our tables and back in out hearts…and we couldn’t be happier!

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Sugar ‘n’ Spice

This will go hand in hand with the Korean influences that will be hitting our taste buds come 2018. Whilst Brits have had a love affair with chilli, showing that as a nation we can handle the spice, next year is all about subtle aromatic flavours. We’re talking warming heat for ginger, pepper, horseradish and wasabi. And you never know some unusual flavour pairings might pop up and get your taste buds tingling.

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Steak is a thing of beauty…of course. But It wont just be beef that we will be ageing come next year, make way for tender love and care to be put into ingredients such as fish, chicken and butter. This means, a better food product process and certainly better tasting food for sure. We’re talking big flavour so watch out my little foodies.

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Healthy Gut

More than ever, we are becoming more focused, on our health and creating longevity for our lives and future lives. The modern day consumer doesn’t only care about cost they have been paying closer attention to what foods they are eating and more importantly what foods are detrimental towards gut health. So come the New Year, when you are in your “new year, new me” phase why not look towards probiotic foods which make your digestive system happy. 

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