It was the 1970s when Britain really started to fall in love with Chinese cuisine. From dim sum to house special chow mein and beef chop suey to sweet to sour chicken balls, there really is something for everyone. As it grew in popularity, then came the age-old debate: to chopstick or not to chopstick?

Read on for some interesting chopstick trivia and tips on how to use them:

1. The invention of Chopsticks is debatable! Some say they were first invented by the ancient Han Chinese over 2000 years ago. Others claim they’re over 9000 years old!

2. If you’re dining with a Chinese friend and they add their food to your plate, it’s to be friendly, not because they don’t want it.

3. Laying chopsticks on the top of your bowl means “I’ve finished”. Resting them on the side of your bowl signifies “I’m having a breather from eating”.

4. Fancy a go? First, hold the upper chopstick like a pencil, about one-third of the way from its top. The second chopstick rests against your ring finger, holding it fairly rigidly with the base of your thumb. Move the upper chopstick only, with your thumb top, index, and middle fingers.

eating with chopsticks, rice bowl, chinese food

Tip: if you’re finding it hard to get used to, start by holding the chopsticks lower down the sticks for more control.


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