That weekly takeaway that brings the family together, the social gathering with your mates that always involves a pizza delivery, those extra hours at the office made more bearable by ordering in dinner; whatever your takeaway preferences maybe, ordering our meals with a click of a button has become a way of life for most of us.

How this simple act can do so much more…

Here at we like to be a bit different from the rest. Unlike the large online takeaway ordering services, we don’t charge local restaurants hefty fees and instead support them to flourish and grow. Unlike these other ordering services, we don’t spend millions on TV advertising and marketing, we choose to forego the limelight, ditch the glitz and fancy campaigns, so we can feed a hungry child from a third world county.

Each time you order your takeaway with us, we will feed a hungry child in Bangladesh.
At no extra cost to you or the restaurant, just as a gift from us, it’s that simple!

We have partnered up with a factory in Bangladesh to distribute fresh, nutritious food to the children, as child malnutrition is sadly, a very big and very real problem here.

Bangladesh is one of the world poorest countries, with nearly half of the population living on less than 1 dollar a day, forcing children (over 7 million of them) aged between 5-14 to go out to work, so they can help their families survive.

Such a big responsibly on such small shoulders…

If working from a young age wasn’t difficult enough, imagine how hard it must be if you are hungry and we are not talking slightly peckish here, It is a sad fact that over 41% of all the children in Bangladesh are severely undernourished.

These children are underweight and have stunted growth, due to their lack of food. This will mean that not only do they have very little energy for work, they are more susceptible to illness and will their development, both cognitively and physically will be largely affectively.

1/3 of all children under 5 in Bangladesh are actually anaemic, due to the lack of iron intake from their food, with other common nutrient deficiencies being Vitamin A, iodine, and zinc. These nutrients are found in our basic food groups, foods that most of us eat every day and would have readily in our kitchens at home; things like potatoes, carrots, lettuce, peppers, fish, fruits, meat, milk, beans, leafy greens, dried fruit, cereal, bread , pasta, cheese, seeds.

Without these key nutrients, these children will never reach their full potential in life and sadly 41 in every 1000 children in Bangladesh will die before their 5th birthday, statistics that we couldn’t even imagine here in Britain.

feed the children,, order online

Together we can help, one order at a time

We would love for you to follow out journey, as we will be posting regular updates, images and feedback for all those who have helped us on our mission to make a difference.

So next time you’re browsing the menu…remember you are not just ordering a takeaway…You are doing something amazing!

feed the children,, order online, Bangladesh

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