Loyalty points have be designed to retain your customers to your brand.

Many customers will use your brand because of the quality of produce and service you provide. Loyalty points is another element that drives customers towards your business It is an excellent way to incentivise your customer’s future returns, which gives them a reason to come back again.

Kukd.com believe that having loyal customers and attracting new customers is one of the key ingredients to the success of your business.

In order to do this you need to reward and incentivise your customers. Kukd.com have created a simple cost effective solution for you to provide a loyalty and reward scheme so that your customers receive an immediate and direct reward.

The best part is we automatically enrol all our Kukd Partners into the Kukd Points program for FREE when they sign up!

How does it work?

It is as simple as this! When your customers order a takeaway from Kukd.com or the website that we have created for you, we will automatically fund your customers account with Kukd Points.

Your customer will earn 1 Kukd Point for every £1 they spend. Each Kukd Point equates to 1p for every £1.

The maths is simple – if the customer spends £20 on a takeaway, they will directly earn 20 Kukd Points, which is equivalent to 20p. These 20 Kukd Points (20p) will be available to spend on the next online order with Kukd.com or the website we have created you!

What does it cost you?

There is a very small cost to you. For all of this to be implemented and for you to work on our loyalty points system, we will only charge you 1% per order value. Though this may be a deduction of 1%, you will value an improved and long term relationship with your customers.

Remember many customers are very interested in getting a bargain. We have been operating our loyalty points system for thousands of restaurants and takeaways with great success. In doing so, this has created thousands of customers who come back to redeem their points and purchase a takeaway order from you!