Caribbean cuisine…ahh even those words sounds delicious. Said to have originated from a fusion of African, European, Indian and Chinese cooking styles, Caribbean food really is sunshine in a bowl, with huge flavours injected into good, simple food.

Some of the commonly used ingredients in Caribbean food are rice, beans, plantains, peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and coconut. With some traditional Caribbean dishes being stews, curries and roasted meats; with the key to good Caribbean food being all in the marinating.

With the team hankering for some Caribbean takeaway, we popped in to a place that know a thing or two about Caribbean cuisine, Mish Mash Caribbean, in Birmingham, where we had a catch up with their Chef, Patrick Smith.

Where did you learn to cook Caribbean food like this Patrick?

I learned to cook from my Grandma, I was always telling her I was hungry, because my wife wouldn’t cook for me (he says with a cheeky grin), so she taught me how to cook for myself, that way I wouldn’t be hungry again”

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Mish Mash has been serving up quality Caribbean food for the last 6 years, with their 7 man team working in an open plan restaurant, it allows them to demonstrate to their customers how their meals are lovely and traditionally prepared.

The Mish Mash Takeaway Top Three Menu Choices

Jerk noodles

Jerk chicken

Goat curry


Other popular menu options include, patties: with cheese, meat, fish and veggie fillings, fritters: from fish to banana, mac and cheese, dumplings, noodles, rice, soups and a wide selection of Caribbean inspired cakes, from Toto to rum and fruit (yum!)

Customers always ask how we make our rice and pea dish. We get that Caribbean flavour by boiling it in coconut juice, adding ginger, spring onion and thyme.

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Chicken with rice and peas (Credit;


What makes Mish Mash even better is that they use an outside grill to cooked their jerk chicken, so the smell on the street outside is unreal, guaranteed to work up that appetitive. Along with their generous portion sizes and their home cooked style, this Caribbean restaurant is definitely a winner.

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Apart from Caribbean takeaway of course, what is your favourite takeaway?

Chinese takeaway, special fried rice!

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Why not visit Mish Mash at the Levi Roots festival, Friday, 29 July 2016 until Sunday, 31 July 2016
at Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2ND.


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