Don’t you just love it when you find a great place to grab a takeaway or spend a lazy Sunday afternoon? We certainly do! And we’re making it our mission to share our findings with all of you hungry people!
Our latest search has brought us to Sorrento’s-Cardiff, a café/restaurant owned by dad and lad duo, Collin and Simon.
During our recent visit, we picked Simon’s brains about everything Sorrento’s! Here’s what we found out:

“How was Sorrento’s born? What made you decide to go into business?”

“My father (Collin), emigrated to Australia four years ago for work, unfortunately, during this time, we lost touch. When we finally got back together after all that time, we decided to meet up in Cardiff and go for a coffee. No matter where we tried we couldn’t find a decent coffee, so we thought we’d give it a go ourselves….and the concept was born.”

The exterior of Sorrento's cafe/restaurant in Cardiff, south Wales, getting a visit from

Sorrento’s Cafe/Restaurant; Cardiff

Sorrento’s started as a coffee house, but has now transformed into a café/restaurant due to an overwhelming demand for food:

“What are your signature dishes?”

“We have a wide range of speciality dishes ranging from gut busters, such as our 20oz Skyscraper Burgers and the mother of all Bacon Stacks to light brunch meals like our Avocado Stacker infused with lime, fresh smoked Norwegian salmon and poached eggs. Our handcrafted coffees and luxury milkshakes are pretty good too…”


Watch this video from Sorrento’s to find out what goes into an Avocado Stacker, and how you can recreate it at home.

“We also do a unique ‘Hangover Cure’! Unlike most cafes /restaurants (where the cure consists of bulky, greasy food) our ‘cure-all’ has become more about providing the vitamins the body needs to ease and revitalise you through the hangover. A balance of farmhouse seeded bread, fresh avocado, salad and tomatoes topped with back bacon caramelised with a sweet chilli glaze to give it that kick and a poached egg – with a side of fries. Additionally, it is served with an Americano and a Berroca to boost the process.”

Click here to view the full Sorrento’s Grab and Go menu, including their range of luxury milkshakes! Trust us when we say you really do not want to miss out on these!

Additionally, Sorrento’s now stock halal beef and chicken, in a range of tasty options, such as their original succulent beef burger and sweet chilli chicken burger.

A line of sorrento's signature beef burgers, get yours at

Our kind of line-up!

Sorrento's Best-Seller; Avocado Stacker. Get yours at

Sorrento’s Best-Seller; Avocado Stacker

sorrento's signature burgers, get yours at

Sorrento’s signature burgers; Just look at that brioche bun!

Sorrento's special milkshakes, get yours at

Sorrento’s special milkshakes are a menu must-have!

“Apart from Sorrento’s of course, what is your favourite takeaway food?”

“I’m a huge fan of Japanese food! I love noodle-box which is just down the road from me, they do a spicy yakuza that I have to order at least once a week!”

“What does the future entail for Sorrento’s?”

“Apart from our ever changing menu, we have plans to open up our garden area and have additional seating out the front, and possibly an alcohol licence in the near future. We are looking to roll out a first of many Sorrento’s Grab & Go takeaway outlets but we will have to wait and see!”

Whilst we were at Sorrento’s we took on their 20oz Ego-Buster Burger challenge. Find out how we got on here:

For more details about Sorrento’s 20oz ego buster challenge, and how you can get your’s, Click Here

It’s clear to see Sorrento’s are producing some great quality food and drink. Collin and Simon put so much detail into every aspect of their business, from the specific meat to fat ratio in their prime beef burgers to the type of coffee beans they use in their beverages.

All of these carefully planned factors come together to create a unique dining experience that we can’t get enough of!

What’s more, you can get your Sorrento’s fix any way you like, with takeaway service on their grab ‘n’ go menu available online through
Dad and Lad Collin and Simon with the team.

Dad and Lad Collin and Simon with the team.

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