Thanks to the orders from customers like yourself, we’ve successfully managed to feed more than 8000 children in Bangladesh. The country is unfortunately one of the world’s most poverous, with nearly half of the population living on less than 1 dollar a day. Any contribution our customers can make in helping to eradicate child hunger in Bangladesh is most appreciated.

This month we visited a large slum in the Mirpur area of Bangladesh. The slum lies on the bank of open sewer, where access to fresh water and basic sanitation facilities are scarce. Mirpur is home to more than 400 families, with each residing within small tin huts that barely have space for beds and cooking facilities.

Thanks to the feed a child campaign, we get to discover the stories of the children we feed. For instance the picture above is Maimuma who is 5 years old and lives with her parents and two elder siblings. She goes to a free primary school in the district and is the first girl in class. When she grows up she hopes to become a doctor.

Above is Sumaiya. During the whole time we were in Mirpur, we never saw her without a smile. She is 6 years old and works as a maid to support her family. Her father previously worked as a guard, so it’s her dream to join the police force when she grows up.

Akash is 6 years old and pPlaying football in the narrow passages of the slum is his hobby. He said he can play football all day and won’t even break a sweat. He got a football from his dad as a present two years back. Now that has a hundred stitch repairs but still remains his best friend.