We all love a takeaway from time-to-time don’t we?

The days when we just simply can’t be bothered to cook…

When there is nothing in the fridge and the cupboards are bare…

Those relaxed get-togethers…

Or those romantic nights in (when cooking is the last thing on the menu)

Whatever our reasoning, ordering a takeaway has become somewhat of a second nature to us, something we don’t really give a second thought (of course until hunger strikes again).

But it really is so much more…

When you order your trusty takeaway through Kukd.com did you know that you are actually doing so much more? In fact, each time you place an order you are also feeding a hungry child in a third world country, at absolutely no extra cost to you or the takeaway! Simply as a thank you from us! This feel good factor will keep you satisfied for longer than any meal ever will.

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Your Kukd story in 10 steps

When you order a takeaway with kukd.com you are making an epic journey, without even leaving the sofa. This story doesn’t end once you reach the end of your meal.

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Basically it goes something like this….

1.  You feel a bit peckish

2. You visit the Kukd.com app or visit the website www.kukd.com.

3. You browse the menus of your local takeaways and discover something that you really fancy

4. You place your takeaway order

5. Alas there is a knock at the door, the delivery person has your delicious food (yum yum)

6. You eat the food with such delight and are nice and full

7. Meanwhile in the Kukd.com HQ we are sending over funds to the Kukd kitchen in Bangladesh enabling them to whip up a  nutritious meal for a hungry child

8. A member of the Kukd.com team hand-delivers a meal and water to a local child in need

9. The child has a meal packed with the goodness they need to get them through the day

10. The World becomes a nicer place, even if for a little while

The star of the story is you!

We really can’t do this without you, so the next time you fancy a takeaway please keep it Kukd, where every takeaway has a happy ending.

Click here to order a takeaway online for delivery or collection from kukd.com