You may or may not have already heard about our Feed a Child Programme, but it’s basically our promise to feed a hungry child with every single takeaway that is ordered through

What’s even better is, this Feed a Child initiative has absolutely no cost to you as the takeaway order’er or  to the restaurants that whip them up, it’s totally and completely on us.

We feel its important to share with you the work we have been able to carry out, all thanks to you ordering your takeaways with us, so we would like to introduce some of the children you have helped us to feed….

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Meet Abidul, when he is not in school, Abidul helps his family by collecting and selling used bottles.  Although it seemed a small token, as he stood on the ruiens of his fire-damaged home, the meal box we presented him with was more than greatly received


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Emon is 10 years old and despite his young years is a very intelligent young man. As well as his studies Emon works at a mechanics workshop to help to support his family. On receiving his meal box from, he was very grateful and said “Thank you, I will ask my Grandmother to pray for you”.


Feed a child, Bangladesh,, takeaway

This is Hosne Ara, this picture was taking in the entrance to her home, a gateway for the 18 families that take residence there. Hosne Ara is the only girl in her class at school, she was so pleased with her meal box, she couldn’t wait to run home and show it to her little brother.


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This is Jabed, who is photographed amongst the rubble of what once was his home, now he and his entire family live in a tent. Upon receiving his meal box from, (which on this occasion contained chicken curry, rice, egg and French fries), he explained that he had never seen nor eaten fry before, that he had only seen fancy advertisements of them on billboards, he said this made him feel really good and that he only wished he could eat like this on a regular basis.


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Despite only being 7 years old, Kaosar has a dangerous job. He works as a human hauler to try and help support his family and even then, it’s a rare occurrence for them to be able to have three meals a day. When we gave Kaosar the meal box he was so excited he could barley talk.


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Meet Raihan and Runa, who are good friends, class mates and neighbours, who both sadly lost their houses in a slum fire.

Feed a child programme,, takeaway, Bangladesh

Sumaiya is 8 years old, she is one of the lucky ones who live in the slum, as her house escaped damage from a recent fire outbreak. Upon receiving the meal box, she couldn’t help but hold it to her nose and smell it the whole time we spoke with her, she was so excited to take it home and share with her two toddler siblings.

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Due to the obvious bond they share and the fact they go everywhere together, anyone would think they are sisters but Tania and Ayna are the very best of friends. When they recieved their meal boxes they sat together to try and guess what would be inside. When Tania peeped in the box she screamed with delighted and couldn’t wait to tell Ayna it was one of her most favoured meals, a Biryani.

Feed a child, Bangladesh, children of Bangladesh, takeaway,

During our visit Yameen showed great joy in spending time with our team and held a smile the whole time. He showed them his home and introduced them to his family, the team were saddened to learn that Yameen was suffering with Leukemia.

We wanted to be able to show you just a few of the little faces you have helped to make smile recently, they, as we, are very grateful for your support. Remember the next time you fancy a takeaway, please order through and you will also be feeding a hungry child.