Here at we do like to jump on the party band wagon, with pretty much any occasion (after all, parties mean food right?)

But being a proud British organisation, we especially love celebrating everything British, from food, to people, to sports…And golf is no exception my friend.

With the British Open being held in Bonnie Scotland this year (check out these Scottish treats) we wanted to get in the spirit of all things golf (and grub obviously!) and presented you with the Kukd Golf Challenge.  In a nutshell, this was a brilliant excuse to dress up and do some serious eating (is there anything better?).

So just for LOL’s, we present to you….

The Kukd Golf Challenge Team.
The British Open, Golf, fancy dress, sports, british, order online,

Rob takes his role in the team very seriously….he takes no prisoners!

The British Open, Golf,, order online, staff photo, team

She may be the baby of the team but don’t let that smile fool you, Laura is the team’s secret weapon.

The British Open, Golf, fancy dress, sport,, order online

Ryan means business!

The British Open, fancy dress, gold, , order online, team photo

Steve has high expectations.

The British Open, Golf,, Team

Laura is just happy to be there…

British Open, The open,, team

Paul is wondering where the competition is…(Has he got this in the bag?)

The British Open, Golf,, team

Charlotte doesn’t take any stick from the others.

The British Open, The Open, Golf,, Team

James gives it his best shot!

Next time your feeling peckish, be a good sport and get Kukd!

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