If you are familiar with our Feed a Child Programme, then you are aware that we feed a hungry child in a third world country with every single takeaway order that is placed at Kukd.com, at absolutely no cost to our customers or partnered restaurants, but as a complete gesture of goodwill from us.

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Of course we can’t thank you enough for your support and hope you continue to place your takeaway orders at kukd.com, to show our gratitude we feel its important to keep you up-to-date with the work we are carrying out, all thanks to you! Please stay tuned to our blog and social media pages for regular updates.

Currently we are operating our Feed a Child Programme in Bangladesh, one of the world poorest countries. We have introduced you to some of the children we have helped so far (click here if you missed it) and give you the harsh reality the children face on daily basis.

This time we wanted to share with you something that really struck a chord with us on a recent visit to a school in the Korail Slum, when our team found this hanging pride of places in a local school….

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This sign was created by the school to expresses what they believe and hope their rights as a child should. Unless you are fluent in Bengali, despite the awesome drawings of course, then this may be slightly difficult to understand, so this is  basically what it says….

  • Education is a child right
    Every child has the right to receive education.
    (Although sadly, this is not always the case, as many children are forced to work to support their families)
  • A child should be able to express their own opinion 
    Every child has a right to having their own opinion and should be able to express it like the elders within the community.
  • A child should be encouraged with good behaviour
    Of course a child can make mistakes but reprimanding them with bad behaviour should not be a solution, instead they should be taught the importance of good behaviour and led by example.
  • A right to participate
    Every child should have the right to participate and be able to flourish.
  • A child should have recreation time
     Entertainment and recreation supports a child’s psychological growth and mental health
  • The right to practise physical activity
    Every child should have the right to play sport to support their physical health
  • There should be equal rights for both girls and boys
    A child should not be discriminated according to their gender, they should all be seen as equal.
  • Right to Healthcare
    Every child has the right to receive treatment when they are sick (Child illness is a grave problem here)
  • It’s a child right to have nutrition 
    Every child should have the right to a nutritious meal (3 meals a day is a rare occurrence in Bangladesh and many of the children are severely undernourished)

These rights are something that we would take as a given here in the UK, where we want our children to be children, to go to school, to play, to be healthy, to have a bright future…something that is a hope and a dream for the children of Bangladesh, who face many obstacles in their life. By simply ordering a takeaway from Kukd.com you can make such a difference to the live of the Bangladeshi children, what’s more, you are helping fulfil a fundamental right.

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